Financial Controls

  • Total transparency into CPA bank accounts and expenses.
  • Independently audited financial statements provided to all riders delivered directly to them electronically, and available at all times on the CPA website.

Riders Congress

  • The formation of a Riders Congress (RC) consisting of one rider from each pro team, elected by his teammates
  • The Riders Congress will synthesize and formulate the opinions of the peloton; the RC will play an important role to inform the CPA of what positions the riders want to take on issues
  • We will also establish a Peloton-wide group cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform to ensure fast, easy and effective communication amongst all riders.

Save the CPA Solidarity Fund (Riders Retirement Fund)

The Riders Congress will have the immediate task of choosing an option to address the apparent insolvency of the Solidarity Fund. For example, options might include:

  1. Increase the riders' contribution of prize money; increase the maximum amount retired riders receive to €15,000 per rider; and adopt automatic yearly increases to the payout corresponding to a cost-of-living index, or
  2. Keep the contribution at the current level (5% of riders' prize money); and decrease the retirement pay out that riders receive to €7,500, or
  3. Eliminate the riders' contribution to the Solidarity Fund; and eliminate future payouts to retired riders

Joint Agreement Negotiation

  • The Joint Agreement (L'Accord Paritaire) is the contract between CPA and AIGCP (all WorldTour and ProContinental Teams) that states terms such as minimum salary, the type and quality of insurance teams must purchase for riders, and how disuptes are resolved between teams and riders
  • Past negotiations of the Joint Agreement have been conducted solely by the CPA President and Secretary-General
  • As CPA President I will appoint 3 active pro riders to a Negotiation Subcommittee that will be directly involved in the negotiation of the next Joint Agreement between the CPA and AIGCP
  • This is the best practice used by the world's most successful sports unions when negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements

Peloton-Wide Medical Insurance Program

  • All teams will contribute to pay for a single, standard, peloton-wide health insurance policy that will cover medical, hospitalization, and repatriation insurance.
  • This will prevent teams from purchasing sub-standard insurance, or requiring riders to purchase their own independent insurance product.
  • The policy will offer coverage in any country across the world.
  • All riders of all teams will be offered the basic level insurance policy at no cost to them. Riders can purchase higher levels of coverage above the basic plan at a premium cost.
  • Riders can keep the same insurance policy from year-to-year even if they change teams, eliminating the need to sign-up with a new insurance company.

Concussion Protocol

  • Creation of a mandatory concussion protocol to be followed by teams and organisers.
  • A standardized roadside assessment to be carried out by first responders before riders are allowed to continue during a race.
  • If riders who are held on the roadside for assessment are found to be free of concussion symptoms, the rider will be returned to the peloton with assistance from the medical vehicle.

Mental Health Support

  • The CPA will set up free phone consultations with a network of sports psychiatry professionals who specialize in treating elite athletes and diagnosing mood disorders and symptoms of concussion.
  • All mental health services administered under the program will be confidential and the identity of the recipient of services will not be known by union staff, team or any other party.