Speech to the CPA’s Steering Committee

Mr Vice President, Delegates, Firstly, thank you for this opportunity to speak – and also thank you to Laura for organizing this meeting: your work and commitment to the CPA […]

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Fact Check

Inaccurate statements have been made by members of the current CPA leadership about me, my campaign, and the CPA. This is a fact-check on their talking points. Yes, Gianni Bugno […]

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The Peloton Singularity

Professional cyclists – they’re a case apart. None of them find what they do remarkable, in fact they’re absolutely convinced it’s normal. After all, it’s all they know. They’re conditioned to […]

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Thomas and Froome among leading riders calling for postponed CPA election over alleged statute breaches

Geraint Thomas, Chris Froome and Tom Dumoulin are among a group of riders to have signed a letter calling for the International Association of Professional Cyclists (CPA) Presidential election to […]

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Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas back David Millar’s calls for CPA election to be postponed (£)

Millar, a former professional, is the preferred choice of many members of the professional peloton. He has ambitions to turn the riders’ union, known as the CPA, into a body […]

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GCN: Screwed By Their Own Union?

Now, also over in Innsbruck, on Thursday, will be the election for the president of the CPA. Never heard of them? Don’t worry, because until recently, neither had some of […]

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THE OUTER LINE: Voting For The CPA’s Survival

Both the Belgian and Dutch rider associations cited financial mismanagement as key criteria for losing trust in the CPA’s leadership and mission… the key issue driving the riders’ votes in […]

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David Millar on fighting for cyclists’ rights

“My main concern is that Lappartient thinks Bugno is doing a good job,” says Millar. “If Lappartient thinks Bugno is doing a good job, holy sh*t, Lappartient shouldn’t be doing […]

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David Millar on fighting for riders’ rights in CPA election

Given a choice of candidates for the first time, many riders are voicing their intent to vote but are finding barriers to the right to cast their ballot. Cycling Weekly […]

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The Secret Pro: We’re unionising against the union

Apologies — this is about to get political. Some of you might have seen my colleagues go on Twitter and complain about the CPA, the pro rider’s union. Or maybe […]

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Cyclingtips: On rider representation, and David Millar’s protest candidacy

David Millar is running to become president of the CPA, the professional riders’ union. He knows he won’t win. The Scottish former pro has the vocal support of a group […]

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Protest zwelt aan in peloton tegen “rennersvakbond waarin renners niks te zeggen hebben”

Een groot deel van het peloton heeft het compleet gehad met de internationale rennersvakbond CPA . Op donderdag 27 september wordt er tijdens de wereldkampioenschappen in Innsbruck een nieuwe voorzitter […]

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The CPA’s Presidential Election – How Does This Affect You?

We believe that Millar’s approach will move the CPA in a direction similar to our own and strengthen the CPA into a union that is able to represent all male […]

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Interview: why David Millar wants to empower the peloton

David Millar tells Rouleur about his latest venture: a bid for presidency of the CPA. What needs changing? Why is he the man for the job? And has he really […]

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