Fact Check

By David Millar

Feb 19, 2019

Inaccurate statements have been made by members of the current CPA leadership about me, my campaign, and the CPA.

This is a fact-check on their talking points.

Yes, Gianni Bugno does receive a salary from the CPA.

CLAIM: Gianni Bugno “goes unpaid besides reimbursement for expenses“. [source: Velonews interview]

FACT: Gianni Bugno was paid a salary of more than 36,000 Swiss Francs in 2017. Laura Mora (Communications) was paid more than 49,000 Swiss francs in 2017. David Chassot (Secretary-General) was paid more than 38,000 Swiss francs in 2017.

The CPA, not the UCI, sets the election rules and they can be changed.

CLAIM: CPA President Gianni Bugno said: “This election system has been in place… These are the rules of the UCI…. until there’s another system, I need to respect the voting rules how they are.” [source: Cycling Weekly]

FACT: These are not the rules of the UCI. The CPA is an independent Swiss association and is governed by its own Statutes. The CPA’s Statutes set the rules for elections. The CPA’s Statutes do not forbid electronic voting. The CPA’s Statutes can be amended by the CPA General Assembly, and the voting procedure can be changed.

Are commercial interests behind David Millar’s candidacy? No.

CLAIM: David Millar’s candidacy is motivated by commercial interests, and he is affiliated with Cycling Service and/or Sniper Cycling and/or Trinity Sport Management and/or Team Sky and/or Velon.

FACT: David is not affiliated with any of these companies or any other commercial interest that would cause a conflict with the interests of the CPA. He has not been in contact with any of these entities or their representatives. Millar owns a clothing brand CHPT3, and is paid as a TV commentator for iTV’s coverage of pro cycling.