Discurso ante el Comité Directivo del CPA (en inglés)

Mr Vice President, Delegates, Firstly, thank you for this opportunity to speak – and also thank you to Laura for organizing this meeting: your work and commitment to the CPA […]

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Fact Check

Inaccurate statements have been made by members of the current CPA leadership about me, my campaign, and the CPA. This is a fact-check on their talking points. Yes, Gianni Bugno […]

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The Peloton Singularity

Professional cyclists – they’re a case apart. None of them find what they do remarkable, in fact they’re absolutely convinced it’s normal. After all, it’s all they know. They’re conditioned to […]

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GCN: Screwed By Their Own Union?

Now, also over in Innsbruck, on Thursday, will be the election for the president of the CPA. Never heard of them? Don’t worry, because until recently, neither had some of […]

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David Millar, candidato al Sindicato de Ciclistas

El exciclista profesional David Millar ha anunciado hoy que se postulará para la Presidencia de la CPA (Ciclistas Profesionales Asociados), el sindicato de los Ciclistas Profesionales reconocido por la UCI. […]

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